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A Sunday in Todos Santos

How we would spend our Sunday in Todos Santos.


Todos Santos, the Pueblo Magico located one hour away from iconic Cabo San Lucas. We’ve created the perfect day trip itinerary to enjoy this coastal treasure.


Stop 1: Oystera


Immerse yourself in Todo’s Santos vibrant art scene, exploring local galleries showcasing the work of talented artisans. Amidst the colorful streets, discover Oystera, a hidden gem inviting you to indulge in its artistic treasures while enjoying a glass of wine and savoring light, delectable oysters. On this street you’ll find the iconic Hotel California, steeped in history and the inspiration behind the legendary Eagles' song. 



Stop 2:  Mission of Santa Rosa


As your day unfolds, delve deeper into the cultural richness of Todos Santos by exploring its historic landmarks. Pay a visit to the Mission of Santa Rosa de Todos Santos, a testament to the town's heritage, or immerse yourself in the local cultural center, gaining insights into the artistic soul of the community.



Stop 3: Jazamango


As the day comes to and end conclude your day trip with a stop at Jazamango. Nestled amid lush gardens, this culinary haven offers a dining experience that harmonizes with the natural beauty of Baja California Sur.Here, innovative cuisine, locally sourced ingredients, and a charming ambiance converge to create a dining experience that lingers in memory long after the last bite.


Todos Santos narrates a tale of artistry, history, and culinary pleasures, with each stop along its enchanting streets weaving a narrative of cultural richness.


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